Pirado Airways – Far Away Right Here

Pirado Airways ist die Kunstschiene von Pirado Verde. Vieles von dem, was bei Pirado Verde Anwendung findet, wird bei den Events unserer ausgefallenen Airline vorab erstmals getestet.

Pirado Airways is the artist program of Pirado Verde. Many Programs used at Pirado Verde are first tested at the events of our airline.



Pirado Airways gonna take you far away right here! We create event programs which are a mixture between Show and Workshop. With curious performances, theatre play or storytelling we open the scene before we go deeper with our group interventions and the workshop program.
Our aim is to connect the people and induce a feeling of being part of and not just participant. Then it becomes easier to open up, to see something about your inner self and share it with other people you may never have seen before. Or to hear some opinions and ideas where you would usually block.

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Our Crew Members start from clowns via actors or performers to coaches and musicians. That´s why travelling with Pirado Verde is always different. Our program varies dependent on how many people we are and especially on the event stage or workshop area where we gonna land. For more information please contact us!

As we work a lot with music, Stefan el Pirado started creating DJ mixes that you can get a better idea of who we are and what we do. Because music can tell you a lot about people!